MLN PHASE THREE: December 6-8, 2017

We are looking forward to the launch of MLN Phase Three, December 6-8, with full participation from all of the school boards and school authorities in our region! Once again, these three days of intense learning are based on feedback provided by MLN participants. Phase Three has an intentional focus on leadership in mathematics, which will allow us to dig more deeply into structures and processes to support learning in our region.

Throughout Phase Three, we will continue to learn about and reflect upon the implementation of the Whole School Approach to supporting educator and student learning. At our December session, through a facilitated process, we will learn with

and from each other about the successes to date, the challenges we are bumping up against, and next learning and leading moves.

During the December 6-8 session, we will focus on the following:

  • Deepening our vision of mathematics leadership across our region
  • Strengthening our understanding and implementation of the Whole School Approach process by learning from and reflecting upon our journey to date
  • Continuing to explore processes, structures, and conditions that will support monitoring of student learning and shifts in educator practice (i.e. professional learning communities)
  • Deepening understanding of the relationship between content and pedagogy with a focus on supporting development of student learning through a series of learning opportunities
  • Engaging in math learning to deepen content knowledge related to measurement concepts and the connections to number and algebra