AQ3 Online Component Tasks

Component B

Leadership Postings by Sheridawn and by AQ participants

This component will be similar to the online learning completed throughout Math Part One and for the fall online learning in Math Part Two.  As the focus of Math Specialist AQ is leadership, each participant will select a week between January 8 and April 30 to post an online task.  The task could be similar to the online tasks you have completed in the past; it may involve a reading, video to view, thought provoking statement, engaging in mathematics, connecting to face to face learning, etc.  The task will include the reflective prompts to which participants will respond.  Turns out there are 14 weeks and 14 participants, however if you have a ‘guest’ who you think would contribute to our learning I will happily give them one of my weeks!   In addition to the AQ participant tasks, Sheridawn will also post a weekly task. AQ participants will not be evaluated on the task they design and post; online evaluation criteria are the same as those used in Math Part Two.

Participants are asked to read all posts and respond to 1-2 colleagues. You should also do this for the task you have posted.  Responding to the task should be completed no later than Thursday of the week posted.  Feel free to respond to colleagues at any time throughout the week.

There are two weeks with no new tasks posted (Feb MLN and March Break). This will provide an opportunity to catch up if necessary.  If you fall behind, please complete the current week’s tasks to ensure you are engaging with the community, then go back to complete late tasks.


Week 1: January 8-12

Sheridawn’s Task

Lesleigh’s Task

Week 2: January 15-19

Sheridawn’s Task

Tim’s Task

Week 3:  January 22-26

Sheridawn’s Task

Linda’s Task

Week 4:  January 29-February 2

Sheridawn’s Task

Anita’s Task

Week of February 5-9 – no new tasks

Week 5: February 12-16

Sheridawn’s Task

Lisa Tomas’ Task

Week 6:  February 19-23

Sheridawn’s Task

Rachel’s Task

Week 7: February 26- March 2

Sheridawn’s Task

Melissa’s Task

Week 8:  March 5-9

Sheridawn’s Task

Melanie’s Task

Week of March 12-16 -no new tasks

Week 9: March 19-23

Sheridawn’s Task

Lesley’s Task

Week 10:  March 26-30

Sheridawn’s Task

Amber Smith-Comé’s Task

April 2-6 – NO NEW TASKS – Please use this time to catch up

Week 11:  April 9-13

Sheridawn’s Task

Richard’s Task

Week 12: April 16-20

Sheridawn’s Task

Sharon’s Task

Week 13: April 23-27

Catherine’s Task

Shelley’s Task

Week 14: April 30 – May 4

Complete your online Community of Learners Self-Evaluation after you have completed all required online tasks.

Email your self-evaluation to Sheridawn.  

NO online post is required for this task.