Math AQ – Part 2

April – November 2017

The 125 hour Additional Qualification course Mathematics, Primary and Junior, Part II, is designed for critically designing, applying and facilitating dialogue related to learning opportunities that integrate the professional knowledge, skills and pedagogical stances. It builds upon the foundation developed in Mathematics, Primary and Junior Part I as it employs a critical, pedagogical lens to explore in a holistic and integrated manner theoretical foundations, learning theory, program planning, development and implementation, instructional design and practices, assessment and evaluation, the learning environment, research and ethical considerations related to teaching and learning across the divisions. Through these explorations, candidates strengthen professional efficacy by gaining in-depth knowledge, refining professional judgment and generating new knowledge for practice.

Critical to the holistic implementation of this course is the modeling of a positive learning environment that reflects care, diversity and equity. This course supports the enhancement of professional knowledge, ethical practice, leadership and ongoing professional learning.

This is a blended course with 60 hours face to face and 40 hours of online work plus 25 hours of assignment work.

The North East field team is pleased to partner with Laurentian University to offer this very exciting and innovative Mathematics Additional Qualifications collaborative learning opportunity!  

The course is 60% face to face and 40% online.  All information related to the coursework and assignments is posted at  If you are new to the MLN you will need to set up a login and password for the site.  For all technical issues related to the website please contact Tim at


Face to Face Component

The face to face AQ hours are the three MLN sessions:  April 5-7, July 4-6, and September 21-23.


Online Component

The April to June online component is your participation in ‘Not a Book Study’.  Further details regarding online participation from June to November will be provided later in the spring.



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Assignment One is a reflective opportunity to deepen your vision of effective mathematics learning and teaching.  This assignment will be completed during our face to face MLN sessions. 10%

Assignment Two is ‘Not a Book Study’. In addition to counting towards an assignment, participation in ‘Not a Book Study’ will be the only online participation required between April and June.   20%

Assignment Three focuses on Assessment and will be developed between April and November.  30%

Assignment Four is your Onsite Engagement in the Community of Learners. Kindly review the rubric on the MLN site as you will be asked to reflect upon your engagement in the onsite Community of Learners at the end of our three day April session. 20%

Assignment Five is the Fosnot Online Platform – New Perspectives: June -August 10%. Online engagement in a community of learners, 10% 

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For any further questions related to the MLN AQ please don’t hesitate to contact Sheridawn at