Module 1 Task B

Solve the following problems.  You are welcome to use any model or strategy that you are comfortable with, however it would be great if you could think about the strategies and models we have developed through the MLN learning.


Problem 1: Tom enjoys sightseeing in his plane, particularly at this time of year with the colourful leaves!  He travels the same route each time to watch the colours change over time.  If he has traveled 414 km on 18 flights over this same route, how many kilometers is the route?

Problem 2: Michelle is disappointed that the summer sailing season is over!  She and her hubbie have a 19 kilometer route that takes them to some of their favourite fishing spots.  They calculated that they have traveled 494 kilometers on the route this summer.  How many times have they sailed this route?


Post your solution to each problem.  Record a few sentences around how your thinking has shifted (if it has..) as a result of the MLN learning.  There is no need to comment on others solutions, however you will want to check them out and see if you can make any connections, or if new thinking is provoked for you.




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