MLN Part 2.1 a Complete Success!

Phase two of the MLN began with three days of face-to-face learning April 5-7th.  47 system leaders engaged in leadership and learning work specific to supporting their systems in efforts underway across the region to improve outcomes for students in mathematics.   

Thank you to Connie Quadrini (Student Achievement Division) for working with us on System Thinking and Planning with a particular focus on supporting students with learning disabilities in mathematics;  Maria Ivankovic, Heather Gataveckas and Karen Steffensen (Provincial SIM Team) for working with us on refining our BIPSA math goals, and the learning specific to systemic implementation and monitoring strategies;  and to Dragana Martinovik (Chair, Mathematics Knowledge Network) for your research insights and the opportunity to partner with MKN.  

As always, participants had the opportunity to engage deeply in ‘doing’ the mathematics; this session focused on developing flexible thinking for division and much more.   John Hattie’s research and thinking specific to ‘direct’ and ‘dialogic’ approaches to teaching and learning as well as his work on surface, deep and transfer learning also generated much discussion this weekend.  

Phase two of the MLN will also include a unique opportunity for Boards to extend their learning beyond the immediate reach of the local MLN leadership teams. Immediately following the MLN face to face, we launched the NotABookStudy where we are  leveraging technology to facilitate a flexible and open collaborative learning opportunity where we will study with Cathy Fosnot facilitating, Young Mathematicians at Work: Constructing Multiplication and Division. We are excited that over 250 educators from across the Northeast region and beyond have registered.  NOT TOO LATE!!!!   More details on this innovative professional learning initiative, open to ALL educators in the northeastern region can be found here.