Module 1

Learning Theory and Evolving Practices in Mathematics Instruction

Now that we have worked as a collaborative learning community to develop and deepen our thinking around key messages and beliefs about effective learning and teaching of mathematics we want to give you the opportunity to dig into some additional resources to support your thinking.

In this module participants will intentionally consider their own beliefs and practices regarding what mathematics is important to learn and how children learn mathematics. They will develop an understanding of current research and the Ontario context regarding effective learning and teaching of mathematics. They will understand the intentionality in the shift in how we are teaching mathematics differently to support student learning, and revisit personal beliefs and practices to consider alignment with current research and educational theory.

Here are some shared resources from our July 5-7 sessions. 

Timeline: read/view and post comments for Module 1 by July 31st  and respond to your colleagues posts by August 7th.


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