Module 2

Module Two -Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching

A teacher’s ability to support student learning in mathematics is impacted considerably by the degree of knowledge of mathematics for teaching they have.  Dr Deborah Ball informs us that beyond simply being able to do the mathematics, educators need to understand the range of thinking students may bring to the math, the thinking behind common errors students make, the common misconceptions students may have, how to surface those misconceptions and provide learning opportunities for students to develop accurate conceptions; how models may be used to support student thinking, and how to intentionally move student thinking forward.

We develop mathematics knowledge for teaching as we engage in teaching and attend to students’ thinking.  We also intentionally develop our content knowledge outside of the classroom by deconstructing the curriculum expectations and engaging in relevant professional reading, viewing and conversations.

The following learning opportunities will support the development of your mathematics knowledge for teaching in Number Sense and Numeration.

Timeline: read/view and post comments by August 23; respond to colleagues by August 31.

There will be another posting of module two course work in late August to be completed prior to our September 22-24 face to face session.

A. Ontario Mathematics Curriculum – Number Sense and Numeration

B. Guide to Effective Instruction in Mathematics K-3 Number Sense and Numeration

C. Big Ideas – Learning Goals

D. Verb Hunt – Number Sense and Numeration

E. Independent Reflection

F. Jo Boaler – Ted Talk: How You Can be Good at Math and Other Surprising Facts about Learning